Who is Obadiah Outreach

Are we living in exciting times ??? a time when we should be looking up as our redemption draws nigh. Have you ever wondered why such a tiny nation like Israel, in one way or another, affects the lives of every single person on earth?

  • Have you ever wondered why the Jews are hated by so many nations on earth?
  • Do you believe that the Jews are still God’s chosen race?
  • Do you believe that the Church is ‘The Israel of God’? Are the Jews, the Muslims and the Christians sharing a common ancestry?
  • And are we all now awaiting the same Messiah?
  • Is the Bible on the same footing as the Q’uran?
  • Do you believe that God will destroy the world, as we know it…If so, will He give some a way out and others not?
  • Do you believe in the ‘Rapture’?

This Ministry is nondenominational and has one passion, THE TRUTH, found in the word of God, as handed on to us by His faithful servants in the form of the Old and New Testaments and untampered with by cults.

Should you stay with us be prepared to be shocked, remember the word is like a two edged sword, and if you are sitting happy and content with the world, and at total peace, you are probably on the wrong planet.

There are so many cults and apostate Christian movements in Africa today that the truth of His word is becoming more and more difficult to comprehend. Although I come originally from a Methodist preaching background, I now choose to observe all religious creeds from the fence and remain neutral.
The name Obadiah (Old Testament prophet) translates as Servant of God… That is what we all should aspire to be: Servants of God.